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High Quality Chess Game Set

High Quality Chess Game Set Trendy Joys
High Quality Chess Game Set Trendy Joys
High Quality Chess Game Set Trendy Joys

High Quality Chess Game Set

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High Quality Chess Game Set

$184.95 USD


Sharpen Your Mind with the High-Quality Chess Game Set

Chess is perhaps the most famous game board in the world. Many people play chess because of a number of reasons. One of them to sharpen the mind. But there are more reasons why you need and learn to play this popular game.

 wooden chess set

 Facts and Benefits of playing chess: 

1. Chess helps prevent Alzheimer’s

A medical study showed that playing chess decreases the risk of dementia, as well as prevents its symptoms because playing chess develops brain functioning. Which, in its turn, also reduces the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, and depression

2. It grows dendrites

Imagine antenna that picks up signals from other places, the more antennas you have the more signals you will pick, the bigger you will become. So learning chess, at a young age, causes those dendrites to grow, without stopping. As the learning chess is continuous activity causing the growth of many dendrites. 

3. Chess raises your kids IQ

Smart people play chess.

Chess is, definitely, the game that will raise your kid’s IQ and it’s not a surprise. A study showed that 4000 Venezuelan students both boys and girls showed IQ scores after 4 months of chess instruction. 

4. It increases kid’s problem-solving skills

As a parent one necessary thing that you must do is prepare your kid for those problems, teach them how to solve them and move forward. Chess is a brilliant example of developing those skills. Let your child be confident, problem-solver through playing chess. 

High Quality Chess Game Set

5. Chess improves spatial skills

This ability is important in chess calculation due to which players calculate variations 10 moves deep, visualizing the changes, picturing a position some moves down the line, analyzing it extensively.

6. It improves the memory of your child

It is a common fact that playing wooden chess board improves the memory and it’s definitely, true.

7. It increases the creativity of your kid

A study passed another research among students from grades 7 to 9 doing other activities, playing a magnetic chess set, use computers once a week for 32 weeks to measure the most growth in creative thinking. The students were divided into two groups, but the chess group after 32 weeks scored higher in creativity activities with originality being their biggest area of gain.

8. It improves the concentration of your child.

During the game, the opponent won’t tell your kid which piece he moved, so your child should be focused on the game, paying attention to every single detail and piece. In the result, playing chess will help you to develop your kid’s concentration, not only in chess but also in different life situation. 

9. Chess teaches planning and foresight

While playing a chess board game, planning is also important, which becomes part of the personality and makes the person always follow those rules. So if you want to have a teenager with planning skills, let him or her play chess now.

This wooden chess set is one of a kind and every chess lover should have. It is not only made of wood but it also magnetic so your chess pieces won't be knocked out when bumped. Get it now!

 High Quality Chess Game Set

Package includes:

1 x High Quality Chess Game Set


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