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Face Mask Maker Machine

Face Mask Maker Machine 32 Pieces Collagen Trendy Joys
Face Mask Maker Machine Mask Machine Trendy Joys
Face Mask Maker Machine Trendy Joys
Face Mask Maker Machine 1 Set Trendy Joys

Face Mask Maker Machine

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Face Mask Maker Machine

$23.95 USD

Create Your Own Beauty Regimen With The Face Mask Maker Machine

face mask maker

Features of the face mask machine:

★ 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC WAY: No chemicals, safer and healthier face mask. Have fun making your own fruit or vegetables facial mask at home. Get the best skin care from your own creation.
★ ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY, MONEY & TIME SAVER: Mask is made from purified water, milk, fruit juice and collagen (FDA certified), so it is healthy, environmentally friendly and safe for your skin.
★ EASY TO OPERATE: Easy to operate with only one power button. Sheet mask maker requires only 5 minutes.
★ AUTOMATIC MASK MAKING: The mask will be formed evenly on the mask plate by only pouring the liquid, no need for paper mask or spoon to shape it.
★ FUN TO DO: Various colors face masks can be designed by pouring fruit and vegetable juice, tea, milk, soybean milk, honey, beer, red wine, essential oils, herbs, flowers, eggs, etc with 1 exclusive natural collagen. Different natural ingredients can provide different nutrition for skin care

Facial Mask Hot Compress

 -- Open pores, absorb more nutrients
After the mask is poured out, cool for about five minutes. Mask temperature is slightly higher than the skin temperature of about 15°C

Facial Mask Cold Compress

 -- Shink pores. Skin compact and elastic
After the mask is poured out, cool for 8 minutes or put in the fridge for 30 secs. Mask temperature is lower than room temperature.
face mask maker

Product Specification of mask making machine:

1. Comes With 32 Counts Collagen Pills
Collagen is the basic need for women, which helps whiten the skin, keep the skin's elasticity. Prevent cell oxidation and slowing aging. Keeps you young and beautiful.
Normally 1 facial mask only needs1 collagen pill, but if you feel the mask is too thin, you could put 2 collagen to make a mask.
2. DIY facial masks by pouring the juice of the fruit and vegetable, or tea, milk, honey, red wine, essential oils, herbs, etc.
Note that the product doesn't include the juice squeezing function,  please prepare 20ml juice before making the mask, and mix the juice with the water in proportion according to the instructions.
3. Cleaning of the face mask maker machine. When using high viscosity liquid, such as milk, honey, clean the beauty mask machine twice.
face mask maker

Product Includes:

1 x Face Mask Maker + Collagen
1 x  Face Mask Maker
32 x Collagen


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